Complete Home Remodel- Tujunga

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Complete Home Remodeling- Tujunga- Los Angeles


Tujunga, California, United States, 91043


A general contractor in Los Angeles is difficult to find. This is due to the nature and demands of the job itself. In general, the main contractor’s responsibilities, even the simple ones such as retaining wall, requires excellent engineering and skilled logistics.

Except when working with excellent general contractors in Los Angeles county, repairing and working are bound to have its clusters of unwarranted outcomes. Damages and delays that may arise from this can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

On a positive note, all these can be avoided by engaging the services of reliable general contractors in Los Angeles CA. With more than 25 years of experience in architecture and interior design, Oran Remodeling is equipped to deal with any difficulties that arise in home innovation.

Placing customer welfare and satisfaction as its top priorities, the company provides free consultation services. Clients meet our highly-skilled architects, our main contractor, and distinguished architects in the field. Details are sorted out and finalized in the meeting; afterward, demolition of the property and recycling of the materials follows.

Temporary fencing and toilet facilities are installed once the area has been cleared. We also reinforce the foundation of the place so as to ensure that the house can bear the pressures and weight of construction and planned addition.

Framing commences once the stability of the structure has been secured. With the framing established, we install a new 200 AMP panel with sub-panel, electric wiring, new smoke / C02 detectors, exhaust fans with occupancy sensors, switches, as well as news outlets.

Using plumbing and electrical tackled, our prime contractor places insulation in the ceiling and walls of the property. Both the kitchen and bathroom are remodeled according to the likings and preferences of our clients. Oran’s California general contractor license ensures the stability and firmness of the structure. Drywall and tile installation, as well as stucco sandblasting,  follows once all these have been accomplished.

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