Complete Home Remodeling- Compton

Project Details:


Complete Home Remodeling- Compton- Los Angeles


Compton, California, United States, 90223


  1. Install 411 sq. ft. addition in two areas in the house
  2. Relocate tank less
  3. Relocate electric panel
  4. Install 1 master bathroom 10 ft. 3 inch by 15 ft. in the west side of the property
  5. Install in walking closet 10 ft. 6 in. by 12 ft.
  6. Enlarge 2 bedrooms in the back 5 ft. by 29.3 ft.
  7. Install cement in the back 10 ft. by 40 ft.
  8. Relocate steps to different location and install railing near the steps
  9. Master bathroom included toilet, shower, vanity, and tub (customer will supply all fixture)
  10. In 2 bedroom addition lift the ceiling to vault ceiling
  11. Plaster, paint and drywall the entire house were we added the addition, plus the 2 bedrooms that we enlarged
  12. Install 2 doors, company will pay up to $750 a door
  13. Install fiber glass window in all the addition and install new windows all around the house, company will supply up to $300 each
  14. Install 4 tons air conditioner number 14
  15. Install open porch in the front
  16. Stucco the whole house to match color
  17. If customer wants smooth color, it will cost an additional $2,000
  18. Stucco the front of the pool in the same color
  19. Install wood floor up to $2.00 sq. ft. in the addition
  20. If customer wants to install bricks in the back on the cement, it will cost an additional $4,000
  21. Paint all trim
  22. Install new seamless gutters
  23. Install any electric in the addition if necessary
  24. Install aluminum patio in the back with a sky light 35 ft. by 10 ft.
  25. Install new roof all over the house , 30 years fiber glass shingles

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