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Complete Home Remodeling- Pasadena - Remodeling Company


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There are many decisions that must be made when it comes to home construction and remodeling. One of the biggest decisions that must be made is who will you enlist to help you complete your project. If you live in Los Angeles, California and have a home construction remodel in mind, there are several benefits of hiring a reliable remodeling and construction company, Oran Remodeling, to do the work.

  1. Remodeling complete house from inside to outside
    2. Pull a permit from the city for the entire job
    3. Plaster the entire the ceiling
    4. Cut some walls between living room and kitchen
    5. Remove paneling from all the walls
    6. Embrace chimney outside
    7. Remodel 2 bathrooms which include new shower , 2 nd bathroom- install tub and shower, new
    vanity (up to $400 each), toilet ($150 each), tile ($2 a sq. ft.)
    8. New wiring, and re – wire existing house
    9. Install 200 AMP electric box
    10. Install new outlets were necessary
    11. Install new pre fab kitchen- includes; quartz countertop, sink, faucet and garbage disposal,
    relocate gas line
    12. Re-pipe the entire house
    13. Remove cabinets in the dining room and install 4 new doors
    14. Install new double glass window all around the house – low e
    15. Install new 12 feet door per code
    16. Install new doors in the entire house
    17. Install front door (up to $250)
    18. Install garage door with remote control
    19. Install air condition
    20. Remove asbestos with professional company
    21. Install new laminate wood floor (up to $2 a sq. ft)
    22. Plaster and paint the entire house
    23. Remove suffit in the kitchen
    24. Repair house from outside
    25. Paint the outside house
    26. Paint metal gate between the house and the pool
    27. Buy and install new molding- 3.5 inc

When you choose Oran Remodeling, you get a guarantee that your visions and ideals will soon become reality. We know what a big investment your home is, and want to make sure that every room fits the idea of what you want it to be. We take your ideas from the beginning and put them down on paper, and are with you every step of the way during your home remodeling process.

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