Complete Home Remodeling – Los Angeles

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Complete Home Remodeling- Los Angeles


Los Angeles, California, United States, 90050


A home that is well maintained and updated takes true dedication. A well maintained Los Angeles home that is upgraded with modern finishing takes time. Even though it is the dream of many homeowners, it can be difficult to manage the commitments of a complete home remodel. Working with a team that has the practical skills and knowledge can make the process easier.

You may have a wide range of upgrades that you have been wanting for your home. Whether it is time for you to upgrade the living room, bathroom, exterior, or interior touches, our team can assist with upgrading your property to maximize the value of your home.

As complete renovation experts in Los Angeles, we can make sure that you can access a faster upgrade period for your home. We want to make sure you get true professionals for your home reworking projects.

This project is a complete home reconstruction which involved:

  1. Demolish existing balcony and master bathroom and the wall between the balcony and master bedroom
  2. Build the patio and add 4 windows, and seal the floor in the extension of the master bedroom
  3. Build the decorative wall as shown in the plan
  4. Build a powder room between the closet and the shower
  5. Install toilet
  6. Reframe shower 5ft by 3ft
  7. Install the entire plumbing as well as faucet and French drain
  8. Install vanity cabinets with 2 faucets
  9. Build a 6-inch wall behind the master bathroom
  10. Install tile on the wall and floor in the master bathroom
  11. Install shelves in the walk-in closet
  12. Install electric outlet and electric light and Panasonic fan light in master bedroom/bathroom
  13. Drywall and plaster the entire master bedroom/bathroom/closet
  14. Replace beam with plywood and skylight in the outside patio
  15. Replace 2 kinds of wood in the side of the garage
  16. Replace window that is shown in the plan
  17. Install new floor in the master bedroom
  18. Reroof the house with cool roof fiberglass shingles

Accessing a full remodel on the interior and exterior of your home can require an extremely meticulous series of upgrades. Working with a team of skilled contractors can make sure that you can have a smoother rejuvenate process. This is exactly where the expertise of Oran Remodeling can assist you today. As a highly reliable Los Angeles home remodeler contractor, we can make sure that we can deliver complete home reshaping solutions that fall within the budgets of our clients.

If you have some ideas on upgrading your home, send us a message today to hear more about our services for restoration. We can make sure that you can access better quality modernize projects. Drop our staff a line today and we can make sure that you can access a more efficient renovation process that can be completed with precision. As experts in whole-home enhancement, we can assist you with any home upgrade task.

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