Complete Home Remodeling- Pasadena

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Complete Home Remodeling- Pasadena- Greater Los Angeles Area


Pasadena, California, United States, 91104


A well maintained and updated home can mean an incredible amount of dedication on the part of a homeowner. If you are interested in updating your home with the latest features or simply updating each room in your home, you may find that you need access to new design features, the best building materials, permits and more.

Complete home restoration can be made easy with the right Los Angeles makeover team. Our team can showcase a wide range of upgrades that could be added to your home. Whether you have a dream for your home and creating versatile spaces, or you would simply like to update a host of features throughout your home, we can assist you today.

Our team has experienced as complete renovation experts in Los Angeles. We deliver superior quality craftsmanship and we can offer efficient services that can upgrade your home within budget.

This project is a complete home improvement project which involved:

  1. Demolish kitchen in the front of the house
  2. Install double door to the backyard
  3. Install new electric and plumbing for a new kitchen
  4. Install new kitchen – include cabinet, countertop, and tile on the floor (up to $2 sq. ft)
  5. Take out the wall between the kitchen and dining room
  6. Build with plumbing, electrical and gas area for washer and dryer
  7. Enlarge bathroom
  8. Install new floor in the bathroom
  9. Install recess light in the kitchen
  10. Change 10 windows
  11. Close 2 windows and enlarge 1 six-foot window
  12. Plaster and paint the entire house, both inside and outside
  13. Refinish hardwood floor
  14. Open closet with sliding door
  15. Take out stone from the outside and install stucco instead
  16. Close areas were the balcony and open sidewalk – 25 feet to the street from the East side of the house

If it is time for you to upgrade your home and you are wanting to perform a complete home repair effort, working with the right team can ease the process. We can make sure you can access renovation options that range from interior to exterior makeover. As meticulous workers, we have a keen eye for detail. We want to make sure we can deliver precision craftsmanship, design and the best quality of materials on site.

We are home developing contractors that take great pride in our work for design, builds and for coming in within budget for our clients. We want to make sure you can access a renovation that will benefit your home for years to come.

If you have ideas for the future of your home and you would like access to quality restoration experts, contact us today. We can begin the design and quoting process for your home. As true experts in home reconstruction, we can handle any upgrading task and keep your home well updated for sale or enjoying day-to-day.

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