Kitchen Remodel- Atwater Village

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Kitchen Remodel- Atwater Village- Greater Los Angeles Area


Atwater Village, California, United States, 90039


If you are in need of a new layout or enhancement solution for your kitchen, you may soon realize just how difficult it can be to put together permits, find quality building materials, handle design, and more. Working with a skilled group of contractors can make sure the process of your kitchen remodelers can be handled with efficiency and accuracy.

Our team can outfit your kitchen with optimal storage, new fixtures, improvements for luxury, and more. Your kitchen design can be completed with the finest of materials and skilled contractors that can handle the project with the best in craftsmanship.

A modern kitchen throughout Los Angeles can serve as a focal point inside your home. We want to make sure that you can have a quality gathering space and a part of your home that will work to improve the overall value. By upgrading your kitchen, you can finally have a space for gathering and for creating that inspires you every day.

This project is a kitchen improvement project which involved:

  1. Demo old kitchen
  2. Remove old plumbing and electric
  3. Buy and install 2 (in kitchen) windows. Match outside texture and paint.
  4. Remove 3 walls from the old kitchen.
  5. Install new lights.
  6. Install tankless water heater outside.
  7. Relocate washer and dryer to the bathroom in the middle of the house.
  8. Remove the solar water heater. Include demo, shed. Build a 10×10 cement floor.
  9. Install kitchen flooring.
  10. Install kitchen cabinets.
  11. Install granite countertop
  12. Install backsplash
  13. Plaster and paint all new kitchen
  14. Install island 5 foot
  15. Install new gas line for stove

With a complete remodel of your kitchen, you can finally enjoy the layout in the way that is most intelligent for your family. We can improve your kitchen to modernize it and make sure that you can enjoy the modern luxuries that will improve the value of the space and your home. At our makeover company, you can access the finest in craftsmanship, planning, and value.

By ensuring every client gets access to specialized attention with design, getting applicable permits, and the finest kitchen upgrades in the business, we can make sure that by choosing our Los Angeles contracting team, you can get access to the best improvements for your home.

Our team has the goal in mind of making sure you can get the finest quality upgrades for your kitchen to remodel and within budget. Contact us today and we can begin designing your future kitchen.

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