Kitchen Remodel- Koreatown

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At Oran Remodeling, we understand that refurbishing is a challenge that can be daunting to take on. We understand the stress that this can be for home-owners and make it our business to take a logical and professional approach to this problem. Our team of experts is united with the common focus of pulling together the design, pricing, and approximate timetable of the project, as well as supplying and educating you about all the various materials and products necessary to accomplish your dream. Once the project is complete, we will coordinate every detail throughout the entire process so that our clients can navigate the modernization process with the least amount of stress and confusion possible.

This kitchen reviving project included:

  1. Demolish the entire kitchen. Repair the wall as necessary.  Remove the gas line.  Remove the electric as necessary.
  2. Install new floor tiles.
  3. Paint the entire kitchen.
  4. Install new cabinets and sink and granite countertop approx. 32 lf. Connect all of the plumbing as necessary. Remove part of the wall where the refrigerator is, inside the closet area to allow the refrigerator door to open freely.
  5. Total Job Includes Tile, plaster, paint, cabinets, granite, faucet, and all rough material.

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