Kitchen Remodeling- Century City- Los Angeles

Project Details:


Kitchen Remodeling- Century City


Century City, California, United States, 90067


We began this project by setting a meeting between the client and our in-house experts in kitchen and interior design. We laid out several kitchen renovation ideas as well as kitchen renovation cost that is within the budget of the client, then we agreed on a plan to best use their room galley. We defined the layout for kitchen home improvement, transferred some of the appliances and furniture, and installed a new island in the room. After the layout and design, we began demolishing the room and recycling those that can still be used. In this project, we recycled cabinets, flooring, plumbing fixtures, and counters, hence helping our clients save money in terms of renovation cost kitchen.

This project is an ADU project approximately 450 SQFT which involved:

  1. New ABS drain from outside the unit to the city pipe
  2. Buy and install new tankless outside the unit
  3. Remove all the drywall from the kitchen and install insulation and new drywall
  4. Install new cabinet kitchen with quartz countertop
  5. Buy and install sink and faucet
  6. Buy and install vanity (up to $300) in the bathroom
  7. Build a closest instead of the water heater area
  8. Takedown the wall from the kitchen to the shower
  9. Plaster and paint the entire unit
  10. Install new vinyl wood in the entire unit
  11. Takedown sub drywall underneath the stairs- repair from water damage- and plaster and paint
  12. Remove debris from the unit

This is an overall kitchen enhancement project. To complete the kitchen makeover, we added electrical and gas lines, as well as hood vents. As a renowned kitchen renovation contractor Los Angeles, Oran Remodeling boast premium services and guarantee customer care and satisfaction. Know more about our project by dropping us a message!

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