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Kitchen Remodeling- Eagle Rock- Los Angeles


Eagle Rock, California, United States, 90041


The finest quality kitchen renovation can work as an excellent solution for adding value to your home. As a kitchen is a perfect area for entertaining, cooking meals, and living as a family are contractors want to give you access to a functional kitchen area that will help you finally showcase your home as it should be.

It’s a goal of our contractors to build a kitchen that you can have fun creating in. whether you’d like to completely change the layout of your kitchen or simply update a few key features, we can establish a design plan that will work for you.

If its find time for you to start updating your kitchen, contact us today and we can begin designing a complete remodel for your kitchen area. We can oversee the project from start to finish and make sure that our designers can find something that suits your budget and a plan that will suit your lifestyle.
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  1. Demolish all existing kitchen including safe.
  2. Remove the wall that separates the kitchen from the dining room.  Include moving all of the electric wirings.  If the wall is a supporting wall and we can take it out without involving an engineer, there will be no extra charge.  If the customer wishes to have an engineer remove the wall, it will cost an additional $1,500.
  3. Install and supply drywall all over the ceiling approximately 850 sq. ft. Plaster and paint.
  4. Install 25 recessed lights between the kitchen and the living room.
  5. Install all of the plumbing up to code. Install all-electric up to code.  Company will pull the permits from Building and Safety.
  6. Install approximately 45 ln. ft. of the kitchen that the company sent the customer to see.  Include an island that still needs to be determined.
  7. Install laminated wood in the living room and dining room, including the hallway. Approximately 850 sq. ft.
  8. Paint the entire living room, dining room, and kitchen.
  9. The company supplies and installs MDF molding determined by customer.
  10. Buy and install cords, countertop, and sink. Customer chooses color.
  11. If a customer needs to upgrade subpanel company will not charge an additional fee. Need to install new meter box (extra $2,400).

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