Kitchen Remodeling- Pasadena

Project Details:


Kitchen Remodeling - Pasadena - Los Angeles


Pasadena , California, United States, 91001


We repaired the kitchens cabinet from the water damage include new doors and new reinforce the back wall connected all plumbing and refinish the paint on cabinets. Our team reinstalled the dishwasher underneath the countertop, repaired ceiling in kitchen from water damage- repaired 350 sq ft., added new dry, plaster and paint. The contractor suggested to take out some of the windows. Our client decided to take out 9 windows and repaired from the water damage, repaired all necessary places in order to prevent leak that accumulated from the last storm. In addition, we repaired all drywall plus new installation that has been taken out for restoration company- approx.. 480 sq. ft. – drywall plus 450 sq. ft installation. Oran Remodeling’s team also plastered and painted all rooms to match colors- approx.. 850 sq. ft. of painting, installed new molding to match the old molding in 3 bedrooms, installed new molding and paint around new windows that have been taken out to repair from the leak from the last storm.


This kitchen improvement project took 3 weeks.

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