Landscape- Norwalk

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Landscape- Norwalk


Norwalk, California, United States, 90650


A beautiful, well-maintained landscape Los Angeles is every homeowner’s dream, but achieving it requires time, effort, and commitment, as well as landscape knowledge and practical skills.

Although every homeowner wants a beautiful landscape that enhances their homes, few have the time and energy to devote to year-round landscape care and maintenance. Hiring Oran Remodeling professional landscape Los Angeles for your landscape maintenance will ensure a lush green, healthy lawn, and landscape.

Our experts will take the time to give you an honest estimate and help you to change the exterior of your home.

Oran Remodeling offers full-service landscaping and hardscapes for your home.

For this project: Our clients wished to create a quiet, comfortable, outdoor space where they could entertain and escape to with their friends on weekends. They also wanted a comfortable area for enjoying dinner with just the immediate family as well.

Oran Remodeling came up with a design concept that separated the yard’s outdoor space into separate individual rooms – each serving a different function.

Project Includes:

  • Removing the 3 large trees
  • The plantings adorning each outdoor room bordered on all sides by fragrant flowers and lush vegetation.
  • Double as a screening element and serve to replace the existing vegetative border from the busy street with a more subtle application which appears as if it was there all along.

Our client was very happy with this project and now can enjoy watching a beautiful landscape in their own backyard.

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