Patio Covering- Palms

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Patio Covering- Palms


Palms, California, United States, 90034


Interested in building a patio cover, and designating a patio area for your backyard in Los Angeles, CA? Oran Remodeling and our patio designers design and build beautiful patio areas with all the extras you might consider for your patio area. Our patio builders in Los Angeles have been constructing patios for over 25 years.

There is nothing greater than sitting back on the patio, enjoying a delicious burger from the grill, and enjoying the great Los Angeles Weather. If you decide to remodel your patio area, your first step is to check out different designs and ideas or hire an experienced general home contractor who has been restoring patios in the Los Angeles area.

There are 4 major categories to consider when designing and building your dream patio:

patio roof

concrete slab that the patio cover is installed upon

patio cover posts

ceiling fans, lights, and the rest of the extras.

Once you have decided to remodel your patio, Oran Remodeling will sit down with you and take whatever time is necessary to develop a game plan for your patio renovation Los Angeles that will be exactly what you envision it to look like.

We have done this for our client:

Exterior decks and pathways surrounding the backyard.

Interior siding in the living room and piano room made of 1” x 1” hardwood strips and black fabric background create one of a king ceiling wood cladding.

Patio & walkways ceilings cover with 1” x 6” T&G hardwood cladding.

The most interesting feature is the privacy screen on poolside, custom-built with hardwood trims in an angle to provide uniqueness, soundproof and privacy at the same time.

The client was so happy with the outcome of this project. Reach out to us today for a FREE quote so you can see our process first hand.


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