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Are you remodeling your kitchen and need to rewire your additional appliances? Do you need to add a hot tub circuit? If you need electrical renovation professional in the Greater Los Angeles area, look no further then the professionals at Oran Remodeling. Home remodeling and renovation projects in Sherman Oaks require expert electrical wiring complete by a licensed electrician.

Nearly every home renovation is likely to involve some type of electrical rewiring or new wiring. You may want to remodel your bathroom and move the vanity or appliances to give it a better flow. This will require moving your existing outlets. You will need to make sure your current electrical system meets the demands of your evolving environment.

If you finally decided it is time for home renovations, or you have a remodeling project in mind, Oran Remodeling is your best choice to help you with planning and the execution on your project. Our 25 years of experience have taught us the ins and outs of electrical services. We ensure that your project proceeds with the proper attention to detail so that upon completion your renovation project allows you to feel like you have built your dream home. We will make sure we added the proper amount of lighting and electrical access to accommodate your lifestyle.

We guarantee quality work every time when you entrust your project to the experts a Oran Remodeling. We will make sure your home meets all electrical codes and safety requirements. Whether your project is a kitchen, bathroom, or any other type of renovation, choosing us will ultimately save you time and now.

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Oran Remodeling provides affordable electrical installation services in all Southern California including: