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Sherman Oaks Flooring Services: Installation and Refinishing

Are you considering remodeling your floors? Flooring is one of those things sellers overlook when they put their homes for sale. There are all different flooring options from the common ones like carpet or hardwood to the odd but beautiful options like cork.

Flooring matters and buyers will easily walk from homes with bad flooring the same way they will walk away from homes that have no curb appeal.

The most common flooring by far is hardwood flooring, but experts revealed that not all rooms need to have the ideal flooring. There are definitely rooms where it matters more than others. Studies show that buyers like to see hardwoods in the main areas of the house, like the hallways and the living rooms.

Here is a list of options of different types of flooring:

  1. Hardwood
  2. Carpet
  3. Ceramic Tile
  4. Concrete
  5. Porcelain Tile
  6. Travertine
  7. Marble
  8. Vinyl
  9. Limestone
  10. Laminate
  11. Painted Wood
  12. Slate
  13. Bamboo
  14. Terra-cotta Tile
  15. Brick
  16. Cork
  17. Linoleum
  18. Plywood
  19. Tatami

Oran Remodeling can help you choose the right flooring for you. We will also help you consider the location of your new floor. There are several things one must keep in mind when choosing the right flooring. For example, kitchens and bathrooms are more susceptible to water damage as well as areas of your house that get a lot of direct sunlight. These should be a heavy factor in your decision-making process.

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