Bathroom Remodel- Hancock Park

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Bathroom Remodeling- Hancock Park- Los Angeles


Hancock Park, California, United States, 90020


Enjoying a quality bathroom in Los Angeles and making sure that it is kept up to standard can often require the assistance of a skilled contractor. If you are thinking of updating your home or readying your home for sale, you’re going to need a quality bathroom design. The process of rerouting plumbing, changing layouts and more can often be difficult and it can require assistance. If you are interested in finding the best level of assistance, consider our design and construction team.

Working with our team can make sure that you can access the best in modern design trends. We can also ensure that our craftsmanship will allow you to find your ideal bathroom setup.

If you are interested in enjoying the ideal bathroom setup but you do not have the time and energy to handle the design process, painting and more, we can work with you to help you get the ideal solution for your bathroom.

Hiring our professional bathroom expert contractors in Los Angeles can be completed easily today.

This project is a bathroom alteration project which involved:

  1. Include take all drywall from the wall
  2. Enlarge shower to 4 feet
  3. Install faucet up to $150
  4. Remove window and enlarge the window
  5. Remove the toilet
  6. Remove plumbing for vanity
  7. Install fan light
  8. Install tile $2 a square foot
  9. Install drywall, plaster, and paint
  10. Install LED light above the shower
  11. Plaster and paint
  12. This does not include a shower door, vanity, and toilet
  13. Faucet for vanity

If you are going to be renovating a bathroom and you would like to update the standard of design, contact our contractors today. You may have discovered that the process of bathroom improvement can be a difficult process on your own. Using our expertise as a Los Angeles Makeover team, we can make sure that we utilize your bathroom to the fullest.

Whether you have a few small updates in mind, or you are interested in a complete bathroom redesign, we can make sure that your bathroom can be completed within budget and with superior craftsmanship.

We want to understand your needs and make sure that you can get the ideal bathroom redesign that will fall within your budget. Send us a message today and we can let you know more about the services we can offer in bathroom redesign. We can start immediately on a renovation solution that will suit your needs.

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