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Renovating a house - reasons & benefits

Top 10 Reasons & Benefits For a House Renovation

One thing that you should never overlook is your own comfort and enjoyment. Ask yourself, ‘is this the way I would like my home to look for the next years to come?’. If you can’t answer with an immediate ‘yes’, then it’s time for house renovation. Let us guide you through all the great things

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Drawing a Bathroom design

What To Check When Stating Bathroom Remodeling?

As our residents know, Los Angeles is a busy city. You’re constantly on the move, answering calls, commuting to work, and running from one place to the next. The hustle and bustle of the big city can certainly be draining! So, where can one turn to for privacy at the end of the day? Well,

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Kitchen Remodeling: Steps and Costs

Kitchen remodeling is daunting and can often overwhelm even the best of handy homeowners. Where to begin, what to buy, whom to hire –these are typical issues we often consider when undertaking big projects. The major problems arise when we ask these questions all at once. Unprepared homeowners often find themselves stuck in the “exploration”

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What is an ADU or Accessory Dwelling Unit?

What is ADU and Why It’s the best investment you should consider? History is the greatest teacher and with our most recent lesson in finance being The Great Recession of 2008, many homeowners are desperate to not only maintain their properties but find promising nest egg investments as well. According to Investopedia, due to inflation,

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Room addition trends

Top 5 Room Addition Trends in 2018

Top 5 Room Addition Trends in 2018 Redesigning and other forms of home improvement are, like fashion, flowing with the times. Certain room additions are in vogue at the moment and can vastly improve yours and visitor’s perception of your home. 2018 will see the rise of many new trends or a return of some

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Kitchen remodeling

5 Inspirational Kitchen Remodeling Ideas – Before and After

Some people live to eat while others eat to live. Food can be simply termed as one of our basic requirements and kitchen is the place where this necessary component is prepared. For some people, a kitchen is just another part of their home while for others it is much more than that. Having a

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bathroom remodeling

Top 5 Bathroom Remodeling Designs & Ideas

Bathrooms have always been the dark horse of a home. They were traditionally the rooms provided the least attention by the owners as well as the contractors working on the house. This trend has recently been changing with bathrooms being given specific attention by owners. Bathroom remodeling is seeing quite the boom as of late

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Amazing Room Addition Ideas that You Can Turn into Reality!

Having a house is definitely a blessing and every now and then we ensure that it stays in its best shape at all times. We fix up leakages and decorate it as we like. More often than not, we think about adding up a room or two while we are in the renovation and remodeling of

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Remodetling the kitchen on a budget


Kitchen itself is a dictator of ambiance and style of home as much as it is a domestic hub. The kitchen remodeling trends have spiked nowadays in a new dimension. From the past decade, it has seen a tremendous boom. The designs and types of a kitchen vary from home to home. At some places,

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