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Oran Remodeling is voted the most reliable kitchen remodel contractor in Los Angeles. If you are tired of having problems with your cooking area, the lighting is not good, the pipes are frequently clogged, the cabinets are misaligned or you simply believe that the structure can be improved, you have come to the right place.

We are specialists with over 25 years of experience in architecture and industrial design. We like to work with professional ethics and responsibility, assume a commitment to the client, and guarantee the best results without spending a fortune.

Our wide range of services and the advice of experts in the industry will allow you to find the best ideas to achieve an incredible cooking area, which allows you to enjoy the comfort and convenience that premium materials offer.

Customer satisfaction is a priority for us, for that reason we are proud to say that each of the people who have trusted our service, has been happy with the results, and has recommended us, fully trusting their dreams for our experts to make them come true.

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We take advantage of the knowledge and experience to advise our clients in the different cases that can exist to remodel a cooking area, it is not necessary that you make an effort with us to have a spectacular result.

The comments of the clients we have attended, speak for us and confirm that our specialists in design and architecture are able to solve all your problems and materialize your ideas without spending huge amounts of money.

Also, feel free to request a quote for your remodel needs in Los Angeles and clear up all your doubts at no cost, so we can evaluate what you don’t need and start working right away.

Thanks to the effort and dedication of our team, we have been rewarded several times, obtaining important merits that qualify us as one of the most qualified companies in the country to fulfill their home improvement projects, and also offer all the advice you need during the process.

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When Remodeling a Kitchen What do you do First?

Reasons to Renovate Your Kitchenette

The reasons to change your cooking area are endless. It is the center of home and seat of activity in many households, and effective remodel can require a lot of work. Aside from the expenses involved, it is the inconvenience caused due to remodeling that makes homeowners reconsider their plans.

Nevertheless, a new cooking room can effortlessly weave together beauty and convenience creating a comforting sanctuary in your home.

Top 3 reasons for renovating your cooking area:

Energy saving

Energy savings might be the main reason for a kitchenette update. If your appliances are outdated, they might be costing you more then you realize. Purchasing eco-friendly appliances can help cut down your water and electricity usage which will reduce your utility bills in the long run. Installing a skylight will allow for more natural light in your cook area without expending any energy which contributes greatly to energy savings.

Appeal to the homeowner

Sometimes the best reason to update a cooking place is that you want to have a change in your life. The layout may have worked great in previous years, but you are now in the mood to upgrade. Perhaps it lacks more natural sunlight or even a beautiful island in the middle of your cooking area. Whatever the reason, a good enough reason for a kitchenette improvement is to arrange the room to best suit the family’s current needs.

Financial incentives

One of the first rooms prospective buyers check out is the kitchenette. The will assess the condition, functionality, attractiveness, and utilitarian. If your cooking area is looking a bit rundown and outdated, revamping will make it a selling point of your home when you are looking to enter the housing market. If it is done professionally, you may see a greater profit on the sale and an increase in value for your property and or rent in Los Angeles.

Revamping Cook Area On a Tight Budget

Kitchen remodeling is well known for being expensive, but not all projects have to break the bank. Keeping your cooking area layout the same, while changing only a few elements within that framework, can keep your improvement project within budget. A great example would be adding style and function with a mix of tradition and modern upgrades could also be another key factor in affordable projects.

Kitchen layouts are normally determined in the first place by the size of the available space. We recommend you try to work within your current layout in order to save money.

Here are a few ideas on kitchen revamping projects for those on a budget:

  1. The backsplash

  2. Light fixture

  3. Hardwood floor

  4. Kitchen appliances

  5. Kitchen cabinets

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Can you Remodel a Kitchen for 10000?

Cooking Area Remodel Checklist: Elements that We Can Handle for You

Home improvements are an important decision to make and should be thought through from beginning to end. Your home grows old over time and grows out of style. It can feel like the options for your cooking room are limitless, but unless you have a limitless budget, you’re going to have to pick and choose what’s important to you. Another factor one might consider when taking on project is “where does everything go”? Making sure your cook place works for your family requires more than simply selecting designs and finishes. Kitchen revamping projects are creative, exciting moments when we get to completely re imagine the rooms and spaces that we call our own.

Here is a list of elements we can help handle for you:

  1. Tiled floor

  2. Design elements

  3. Cabinets and flooring

  4. Kitchen flooring

  5. Hardwood flooring

  6. Kitchen appliances

  7. Kitchen island

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Considerations When Planning a Kitchen Remodeling Project

Does your cooking area meet your personal taste? Kitchens are by far one of the most desirable rooms to update- both for homeowners as well as those considering listing their homes in the future. Renovating your cooking area improves its appearance and also play a major role in improving the aesthetic appeal of your home. It involves creativity and proper planning and there are guides on how to update your cooking area without breaking the bank. There are a lot of factors that play into cooking area design, but one of the first steps, before visiting a cabinet showroom or choosing appliances, is to set goals for your space.

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