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We pride ourselves on providing honesty and integrity throughout the entire process of our concrete pavement services. A paved driveway will not only boost your curb appeal but it will also improve the value of your home. When you decide on a concrete pavement project, one must consider all variable that comes along with it. There are many choices one must make which include paver style, color, laying pattern, and overall design.

You need to install pavers correctly to enhance its appearance. We at Oran Experts located in Los Angeles believe to deliver high quality paving stones. One thing we work is durability in our material, and so we provide our best services to meet your paving needs.

Our professional experts know it is essential to be careful in the paver installation process with the long-lasting commitments. We at Oran Experts have worked with different customers and met their customized requirements in paver installation by using real bricks and stones.

There are two types of concrete pavers: interlocking and architectural slabs.

Architectural Slabs

Architectural slabs provide a more aesthetic look and feel. The best way to describe this type of concrete pavement is that it mimics the look of brick or natural stone. It is also more affordable then if you were to actually purchase real bricks or natural stones.

Interlocking Pavers

This type of pavement is the most quality paving material. It looks like chunky blocks and more durable the architectural slabs. They often come with a lifetime warranty and make a perfect driveway material. This type of concrete pavement lacks the natural look and its plain shapes strike many as unrefined.

In addition, the benefit of renewing your concrete pavement is that some states and municipalities offer tax incentives for installing driveway pavers because it can help remove pollutants and improve local water quality.

Why should you choose Oran Experts for Paver Installation?

In our complete services, we prefer to provide the best possible solutions with the attractive installation of pavers. If you work with us, we deliver you an entire team with the professional experts who know the technical aspects of paver installation. We treat our team as a family and the property to be our house that needs repair.

Each member of our team has high-trained experience with trending installation techniques to over rank our competitors. We always guarantee with the satisfied highly trained results with no chance of complaint in our services. Till date, we have 100% happy customers with positive reviews for the paver installation process. In addition to this, we have a wide range of finishes, patterns, and the stones to give a new elegant design to your yard. We find a perfect size, texture, and shape for your area to offer different types of stones and patterns. Our patterns could be natural looking with the plain and smooth shape to bring peaceful and elegant looks.

Do Contractors Expect you to Negotiate?

How do we work?

It is essential to analyze the type of ground and the area around. Accordingly, we proceed further with the following steps:

1. The ground must be ready for a change

Before we start working, it is essential to lay the foundation and prepare a proper layout. For that, we like to work entirely on the new surface with no old material so that interventions are not a cause for poor installation. We very well know that these obstructions do not bring high preferred results in the defined time. Our motive is to remove the under growing plants that damage above ground paving structure.

2. Leveled base with gravels

We start working on the freshly designed area and fill it with the gravel base. If you are planning to use that area for massive works then we fill it up to 7”, but for patios, it is okay to go with 3-4”. To add strength, the gravel base needs proper water to compact and form a tight bond. This we do to spread gravel evenly throughout the surface.

3. Prepare the floor design

We are always focused on the design you preferred to pave on the land. Our experts cut the perfect sized and shape slabs that do not even leave a half-inch in between that. Once we are okay with the design, we concrete the slab border. It is essential to add concrete because bricks will not move from the place after installation.

4. Finishing it

As we ready our pavers, we set them in place. While placing, it is vital to fill in between gaps using sand. Apply water to add moisten for adding strength to the fixation. Water will activate the joint sand. We work on the final brick after a day to seal it and finally your land is ready for use.

Why do we prefer to use paving stones instead of concrete?

Paving stones add elegance to your floor and thus value money spent by you. The floor must work with long-lasting and durable material that is available with Paving Stones. It adds value to the property using paving stones. We at Oran Experts know how important it is to maintain the durability of the floor. Hence, we suggest with the best product that is cheap to repair with proper weight distribution throughout with a level. Paving stones brings beauty to your house with shining stones with different textures, shades, sizes, and patterns.

No matter what, the concrete floor is also suitable for use, but you will find floors being cracked after some time. Thus, it will lower your property value. Concrete helps in strengthening the floor but not as much as paving stones. During Earthquakes, concrete cracks down and you cannot repair it with cheap pricing. Your driveways will always remain dull. Hence, paving stones are the best choice to make from a safety point of view.

At Oran Experts, our entire team commits to deliver an attractive and beautiful design that improves value to your house. We are always prepared to offer you the best paving solutions to meet your needs. We carefully examine your home, and your living space and turn it entirely into a new one to enjoy for years.

We believe Paving stones are safe to use. Still, along with this, we keep adding many daring elements to provide uniqueness either it’s about the outdoor kitchen to line up with the paver, a fire pit raised with paving stone, or for the durability of the walls. We assure to provide amazing looks with these permanent landscaping elements.

Oran Experts believes that the ultimate goal of this project is to create a stunning entrance to your home that is durable enough to withstand the burden of vehicular use without cracking or shifting.

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