2018 Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Remodeling your bathroom is one of the easiest ways to freshen up your home without breaking the bank. And given that the bathroom is no longer space merely used for hygiene but rather, a place for relaxation and beauty routines, it’s surely worth to put some time and effort into its renovation. Check out the hottest trends for the upcoming year and transform your bathroom into your own personal sanctuary:

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Ceramics and marble

Nothing speaks ‘timeless elegance’ louder than this combination. Go for ceramic tiles that imitate wood or marble and combine it with natural stones such as quartz. Patterned tiles are also gaining popularity but it’s best to leave the pattern on the floor and stick to plainer decoration for the walls and the rest of the space.


2018 is the year of seamless, straight lines, simplicity and practicality when it comes to bathroom trends, and these encourage the use of the same materials for walls and floors. Continuity is synonymous with simplicity and if you’re planning a 2018 bathroom remodel, you really can’t go with a hotter trend.


Natural materials have been steadily gaining popularity over this year and it seems the trend is here to stay. To bring the domain of nature back into your home, go with wood for the decorative elements of your bathroom and combine it with other natural materials such as stone and metal. More and more designers are also introducing wood into the way of water – for shower floor coverage, for instance. It certainly is a bold idea that’s going to breathe a new life into your bathroom.


Black and white is the definition of classy so it’s not surprising this is one of the hottest bathroom trends for 2018. It goes especially well with natural materials such as ceramics and marble and will give your bathroom a clean, fresh and contemporary look.

Gold Taps

If you feel like splurging on your next bathroom remodeling, go all the way by installing some shiny gold taps. Chrome is already a dead trend; gold is the new black for your bathroom taps! Go with a minimal detailing and sleek line for a contemporary look.

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