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With the Kitchen being the heart of the home and one of the rooms that sell houses, make sure that you keep it updates and highly functional. Many kitchens function well, but their style is a thing of the past. To make your kitchen the heart of the home again it’s about knowing where to spend your money on kitchen makeovers to get an affordable result. Many times you will be able to repair, replace or improve parts of your kitchen and it will look fantastic.

Kitchen makeovers can come in many different forms. You can do a full kitchen renovation where you replace everything, or you can do a budget-friendly kitchen makeover and just replace critical pieces.

If you decide that you don’t need a complete kitchen makeover or there just isn’t money available, make sure your existing kitchen is reliable and sound. Make sure that everything you are going to keep, works. Please don’t throw money away on a kitchen that you really should be replacing.

Average Kitchen Remodel Cost?

kitchen remodeling

On average, a kitchen remodel costs $25,080 or $150 per square foot. Most homeowners spend between $13,161 and $36,999 or $75 to $250 per square foot. The total expense varies depending on the size of the space, the quality of materials, and whether you change the layout of the room.

A smaller project between $10,000 and $15,000 may include painting walls, refacing cabinets, upgrading the sink, and installing a tile backsplash. A $30,000+ renovation may include installing custom cabinets, hardwood floors, granite counters, and high-end appliances.

How to wisely use your money while renovating your kitchen?

kitchen remodel ideas

You don‘t need deep pockets to make major changes to an outdated kitchen. Add style and function with an affordable mix of traditional and modern upgrades for the perfect budget kitchen remodel.

If you’re on a limited budget and hankering after a more modern space, here are some clever ideas for quick, easy and affordable updates.

What is the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel?

  • Use bed slats as a storage

This wall rack is actually a set of webbing-mounted bed slats hung from a couple of wall hooks. It is a really cost effective way to add extra storage into a kitchen, it also saves old bed slats from ending up in the bin. If you don’t have any bed slats lying around, leftover pieces of plywood cut into small pieces will also work sell. Just add S-hooks for hanging bits and bobs.

  • Paint the Cabinets

Painting your kitchen cabinets is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to create a fresh new look. With a cream background, it’s easy to give your kitchen a fresh feel by choosing from the latest colors available. If you plan to paint cabinets, be sure to prime them first.

  • Add Fun Accessories

Accessories will brighten your kitchen in an instant and you can choose a theme to bring the look together. Display selected items on open shelving and think about reorganizing your worktop so you only have your favorites on show. If you have a dresser, this is the perfect place to show off neat stacks of crockery, cups and glassware.

  • Stencil Outdated Tiles

Tearing out old tile and replacing it with new can get expensive. To free up some serious room in your budget, just paint it.

Tile stencils are easy to find online, and it only takes a little prep-work to get your tiles ready. You’ll be done in less time than it would take to pry half the old tiles off the wall.

  • Upgrade Lightings

A kitchen needs functional lighting, but that doesn’t mean the fixtures have to be boring! If you have enough vertical space, affix pendant lights onto the ceiling for an instant decor upgrade. This ambient lighting is your main source of light, so make sure the bulb is bright and energy-efficient. For task lighting, add LED strip lights to shadowed recesses along the countertop.

  • Re-use your appliances

If your appliances are still okay, then re-use them, and before you throw the kitchen sink away, give it a good going over with a gentle abrasive cleaner, then spend the money you save on a new tap!

  • Add a Breakfast Nook

You don’t need a lot of space or a lot of money to transform a neglected corner of your kitchen into a functional and lounge-worthy nook. All it takes is a bargain table, bench seating and a few plush throw pillows to create the perfect spot.

  • Dress up the Wall

Dress your kitchen wall with chalkboard paint! Not only does chalkboard paint turn a plain patch of a wall into an eye-catching element worthy of kitchen design images, but it’s also functional since you can use it to jot down menus or a hasty grocery shopping list. If painting is not up your alley, you can replace it with some removable chalkboard wall sticker strips.

So there you have it – proof that you don’t need oodles of cash to create a stylish kitchen on a small budget.

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