Kitchen Remodeling: Steps and Costs

Kitchen remodeling is daunting and can often overwhelm even the best of handy homeowners. Where to begin, what to buy, whom to hire –these are typical issues we often consider when undertaking big projects. The major problems arise when we ask these questions all at once. Unprepared homeowners often find themselves stuck in the “exploration” stage of kitchen remodeling, extending projects by months –or even years. This is why it’s important to have a clear plan of action. Luckily, we have just the guide ready to help you launch your kitchen remodeling project and create the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. In this article, we will discuss the basics of kitchen planning, provide you with some remodeling ideas, show you the average kitchen remodel cost, and advise you in finding the ideal designer and contractor team. Let’s get started!

The Basic Idea of Kitchen Remodeling!

Though it might seem obvious, the first step to take before starting a renovation is asking yourself what you want to achieve and why. Having a “beautiful kitchen” as your goal is too broad to yield any concrete results. Observe your current kitchen and ask yourself the following:

1 – What do I like/dislike about my kitchen? – Is there a particular thing about your kitchen that bugs you? Maybe a counter that just makes it hard to move around? –Similarly, what are some aspects of your kitchen that you want to stick to?

2 – What do I want to change? – You may be more tolerant of certain defects; others may be driving you crazy! Consider what you want to address and why. Perhaps you would be satisfied with a simple cabinet makeover? Maybe you want to replace the tiles on the floor?

3 – What am I missing? – Are you lacking some vital appliance or do you just need more storage/counter space? Take a look around and consider what your kitchen lacks and how you can change that.

4 – Does this arrangement suit me? – Is your kitchen too cramped or not cozy enough? How would you rearrange it? When thinking about this, consider whether you want to add or remove furniture as well. Maybe those old barstools just don’t suit you anymore?

5 – What do I want to achieve? – This might seem like a simple question on the surface, but it’s actually the most important question on the list. Do you want a place to entertain guests? Do you want a quiet breakfast nook for your family? Are you interested in exploring high-end cooking techniques? –The answer to this question should reflect your ultimate kitchen goal.

These questions are all geared to help you imagine your ideal kitchen space. However, if you’re still having trouble, fear not! Below are some kitchen styles worth considering before you begin shopping.

Should I Remodel my Kitchen before Selling?

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

The Gourmet Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas - The Gourmet Kitchen

The Gourmet Kitchen is the perfect fit for a foodie. This kitchen style is geared toward performance and practicality. If you’re interested in cooking, and we mean cooking, then you’re going to want your kitchen layout to include plenty of high-end appliances, lots of storage space for cooking supplies, and plenty of wide open areas for easy movement during preparation.

The Entertainment Kitchen

The Entertainment Kitchen

If your goal is to host intimate –or not so intimate gatherings, The Entertainment Kitchen is a perfect choice. This setup is not designed for fast movement or gourmet food preparation; rather it is a place to congregate over a cheese platter and a few glasses of fine wine. A kitchen island is a must-have here and so is a set of comfortable counter stools.

The Family-Friendly Kitchen

 The Family - Friendly Kitchen

Though the previous two kitchen styles can certainly be outfitted to cater to a family’s needs, The Family Kitchen is primarily geared towards convenience. A long counter set close to the fridge and a small dining table cannot only provide ample space for quick meal preparation but allow for breakfast gatherings as well.

Now that you have an approximate idea of what you want to achieve, let’s discuss the process, step by step.

What are the Steps Involved in Kitchen Remodeling?

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Below are some steps to take when renovating your kitchen. Though each step includes some helpful hints and info, we recommend consulting a professional for more in-depth explanations of each process.

Demolishing Your Old Kitchen

The best way to demolish an outdated kitchen is to do so in a strategic and procedural fashion. Don’t just go charging through with a sledgehammer! Employ a system. Here is our recommendation:

–       Remove your cabinets first by unscrewing them from the walls.

–       Remove doorway and window trim by using a putty knife.

–       Turn off your power and removable appliances.

–       Remove kitchen paneling off the walls (this will make the next step easier).

–       Finally, use a sledgehammer to break through the drywall, but be mindful of studs!

Replacing Old Plumbing

Have your contractor hire and oversee workers, or get workers yourself. Remember to weigh the cost/benefit of each option. Getting a contractor to do the scouting and management will cost more money, but doing this yourself will cost you time.

–       Replacing pipes often involves replacing shutoff valves as well. Also, be mindful of leaks!

–       You should consider replacing your gas line while you’re at it.

–       Inspect the plumbing under the sink and replace it if it’s galvanized.

Replacing Electrical Lighting

When dealing with electrical components, be sure that your lighting system in up to city safety codes. Furthermore, be sure to install dedicated circuits for each appliance in order to prevent unwanted power surges. If you’re unsure of how to approach this step, consult with an electrician or your contractor.

Hanging Kitchen Drywall

This aspect of the job can be fun for some and frustrating for others. For those who want to do the job themselves, we suggest following this DIY Network Guide, for all others, we recommend hiring a contractor.

Painting Your Kitchen

Painting is a relatively easy process that can be handled personally. Here are a few tips to ensure that the job is done well:

–       Use semi-gloss paint as it doesn’t retain moisture.

–       Use painter’s tape to ensure smooth edges.

–       Use a large, 5-gallon paint bucket equipped with a screen to ensure neatness and consistency.

–       Use 150-grit sandpaper to smooth out surfaces between coats.

–       Use at least 2 coats of paint.

Installing Flooring

There are different types of flooring available; here is some info on your possible flooring options:

–       Cork – Made from stripped tree bark, cork yellows under sunlight and swells when moist. Not ideal.

–       Bamboo – It is a good idea to purchase premium bamboo that does not contain formaldehyde. Avoid installing bamboo in wet areas.

–       Linoleum – This material is made from a combination of oil, limestone, jute, and wood. It is stain resistant, does not absorb moisture, and is biodegradable.

–       Wood – A good choice is Brazilian Cherry as it is made from well-managed forest trees and contains no formaldehyde. A Cherry floor is generally hardier than a traditional oak floor.

Installing Kitchen Cabinets, Countertops, and Hardware

After completing the entire renovation process, it’s time to install appliances and cabinets. This step requires a thorough understanding of different cabinet and appliance styles. While it may be tempting to tackle this yourself, we highly recommend hiring a professional. Cabinets, for instance, need to not only be secured to each other but be level as well to ensure a properly designed kitchen layout. This takes years of professional experience to get right, so do get in touch with someone knowledgeable.

The cost of Remodeling a Kitchen!

Let’s be honest, kitchen remodeling Los Angeles, CA costs are high. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of remodeling a Los Angeles kitchen is $37,318. That’s roughly 11% higher than the national average. However, it’s important to point out that even a partial kitchen renovation in LA can easily equate to a 96 – 102% market value increase for your home.

Your new kitchen remodels cost might be less or more depending on the improvements you wish to make. According to the data, you can expect to spend as little as $75 and as much as $250 per square foot depending on your particular needs. Below is an approximate breakdown of expected costs based on the budget average. It’s important to note that a lot of these costs may not necessarily apply to your kitchen renovation.

  • Design fees – 4% of the budget – $920
  • Installation – 17% of the budget – $3,910
  • Appliances and Ventilation – 14% of the budget – $3,220
  • Cabinetry and Hardware – 29% of the budget – $6,670
  • Countertops – 10% of the budget – $2,300
  • Lighting – 5% of the budget – $1,150
  • Flooring – 7% of the budget – $1,610
  • Doors and Windows – 4% of the budget – $920
  • Walls and Ceilings – 5% of the budget – $1,150
  • Faucets and Plumbing – 4% of the budget – $920
  • Other – 1% of the budget – $230

Who to Hire for Kitchen Remodeling

            In addition to remodeling costs, you must also budget the cost of hiring personnel. Regardless of your level of expertise, a professional kitchen designer and a general contractor can prove invaluable for helping you not only sketch out your plans but maintain them as well. For the sake of continuity, we’re going to discuss how much a typical LA-based contractor and designer may cost to hire.

  • Kitchen Designers Los Angeles

–       The average cost for a professional = ~$100 – 200 per hour

–       You can expect to pay upwards of $3,500 – $18,500 in total fees when hiring a certified, professional on-site designer.

–       With such a payout, you can expect services such as 3D design renderings, material, and color selection assistance, hands-on support, and management from start to finish.

–       Alternately, you can opt to go for an in-home material consultation that costs roughly ~$100-800 flat from a design store.

  • Kitchen Contractors Los Angeles

–       Appliance and cabinet installation alone can cost about $3,500 – $ 6,000.

–       On top of this, expect that up to 10 – 25% of your budget will go to labor costs when hiring a professional contractor team.

–       Based on that percentage, here are the expected costs for labor per kitchen size;

o   <70 sq ft = $5,000-$20,000

o   100-150 sq ft = $15,000-$40,000

o   200+ sq ft = $30,000-$60,000+

Based on all of these factors, one can see how costly kitchen remodeling can be. Therefore, it is vital that you create a proper balance sheet and get a trusted team of people together to assist you. After you have determined your budget based on the size of your kitchen and your desired outcome, you can then begin the renovation process.


Steps Of Kitchen Remodel

A proper kitchen remodel requires a proper plan. Before undertaking such a costly task, it is vital to accurately visualize your end goal. Kitchen remodeling Los Angeles costs, in particular, can really take their toll on your bank account, but with proper budgeting and strategy, you can ensure the most bang for your buck. When it comes to the nitty-gritty, certain jobs like painting and hanging drywall can be done personally, for all others it is vital to hire a dedicated and competent team of professionals. A good contractor and designer duo can turn your kitchen dream into a reality by helping you manage, coordinate, and address every kitchen remodeling aspect, every step of the way.

So, are you interested in remodeling your kitchen in the Los Angeles area? Oran Remodeling is your best bet.

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