Complete Home Remodeling- South Central

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Complete Home Remodeling- South Central- Greater Los Angeles Area


South Central, California, United States, 90061


If you are in need of a massive upgrade for your home for resale or you are simply interested in updating your home, a complete home remodeling project can be one of the easiest ways for you to massively change your space and enjoy a wide range of exterior or interior changes. We can make sure that you can access a wide range of restoration solutions. Our team is made up of meticulous workers and we all have a very close eye for details. We want to make sure that we can deliver the ultimate precision in craftsmanship, design, and a better quality of building materials on-site as well.

As home development contractors, we pride ourselves on offering the best work in design, building, and value. If you have upcoming ideas for the future and you would like to use a quality project contractor, contact us today to learn more.

  1. Demolish entire ceiling install 4 recess light in each room plus fan light up to $75 in 2 rooms
  2. Install 2 drywalls plus plaster plus paint in 2 bedroom ceilings
  3. Demolish complete floor in 2 bedroom and install new laminated wood floor, waterproof, up to $2 a square foot
  4. Remove 1 wall from one of the bedroom to match with the existing wall in the building
  5. Move the door where the closet is currently located
  6. Install 4 new windows in the bathroom and kitchen and front bedroom
  7. Refurbishing 1 bathroom included new plumbing, new faucet $150, new hot mop in the shower new walls, new shower door up to $750, new vanity up to $300, new tiles up to $2 a square foot, new toilet up to $150, new tile around the walls in the bathroom up to 4 feet high, new fan heater and light
  8. Install new closet in the second bedroom plus install 6 linen foot in the first bedroom
  9. Demolish kitchen and install new kitchen cabinets, countertops, and install new floor, new sink up to $150, new faucet, new garbage disposal, plaster and paint complete walls
  10. Install 1 pocket door and 1 AC which includes heater up to $450

If you have decided that it’s time to upgrade your home with a complete remodel you should consider working with the right contractor. We want to make sure that you can access a build that’s going to work for your budget as well as offer a massive improvement for your home. Contact our home professional experts today and we can begin the process of quoting and designing renovation styles that will suit your home architecture.

We have a team of true experts in the house that are focused on delivering the best in craftsmanship and the finest for your home solutions. Is highly skilled contractors, we can give you access to renovations that will maximize the value of your home or revitalize your space to make better use of your square footage.

Contact us today and we can begin the design and building process for your location.

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