Kitchen Remodeling- Venice

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Kitchen Remodeling- Venice- Greater Los Angeles Area


Venice, California, United States, 90294


A kitchen is a prominent space of your home that is frequented by family members for preparation and having meals. It is essential to make this portion of your house functional and elegantly styled with the help of an excellent design layout. Oran remodeling is the preferred choice when it comes to makeovers of kitchens as we have extensive experience in this field. We help to transform your space into your dream kitchen using the latest appliances, attractive fixtures, spacious countertops, and appropriate lighting.  Our customers are always happy with our work since we use the available space optimally to create spacious and modern kitchens. We also have a track record of finishing all projects within the deadline, while maintaining high standards of work quality. We have won the trust of our clients by always exceeding their expectations and turning their dream kitchen into reality.

  1. Repair kitchen cabinet from the rain from the flood
  2. Reinstall dishwasher underneath the countertop
  3. Repair ceiling in kitchen from damage of flood
  4. Repair 1 window glass
  5. Take out 9 windows
  6. Repair all necessary places in order to prevent leak that accumulated from the last storm
  7. Repair all drywall plus new installation that has been taken out for restoration company
  8. Plaster and paint all rooms to match colors
  9. Install new molding to match the old molding in 3 bedrooms
  10. Repair foundation that leaked on the north side of the house which includes asphalt on the wall and cement to cover it which includes digging approx.. 1 foot under the house
  11. Install new molding and paint around new windows that has been taken out to repair from the leak from the last storm
  12. Install moisture barrier on the floor in the basement from the flood from the last storm

Install tile backsplash- customer will supply tile- approx.. 60 linen foot

We guide our clients through all the processes of kitchen makeover from the planning, designing stage, procuring materials, choosing the right appliances, and installing them. Our expert team also has high consideration for the clients’ finances and guides them to achieve their goals within their budgets without messing a bit of quality. We realize the importance of space in a kitchen and help the clients to achieve an optimum cabinet layout to improve functionality and storage. We also undertake cabinet upgrades and even design custom cabinets for clients. To improve kitchen space utilization, we guide the customers to choose appliances and materials that are of the optimum size and shape. We also offer a wide choice of color for flooring, wall paint, and cabinets from which they can select the best one that matches their overall home design. Seating is an important part of a kitchen, and we provide options to facilitate easy movement through the kitchen space that is comfortable and stylish. 

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