Kitchen Remodeling- Westlake

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Kitchen Remodeling- Westlake- Los Angeles


Westlake, California, United States, 90057


A kitchen serves as one of the main focal points in your home. A kitchen tends to be where we often spend extra time while we are at home. Having a highly functional kitchen area and improving the quality of your kitchen can give you a better place to entertain your family and friends and make sure that you can truly show off some of your cooking talents as well.

This project is a kitchen reworking which included:

  1. Repair kitchen cabinet from the rain from the flood
  2. Reinstall dishwasher underneath the countertop
  3. Repair ceiling in the kitchen from the damage of the flood
  4. Repair 1 window glass
  5. Take out 9 windows
  6. Repair all necessary places in order to prevent leak that accumulated from the last storm
  7. Repair all drywall plus new installation that has been taken out for restoration company
  8. Plaster and paint all rooms to match colors
  9. Install new molding to match the old molding in 3 bedrooms
  10. Repair foundation that leaked on the north side of the house which includes asphalt on the wall and cement to cover it which includes digging approx.. 1 foot under the house
  11. Install new molding and paint around new windows that has been taken out to repair from the leak from the last storm
  12. Install moisture barrier on the floor in the basement from the flood from the last storm
  13. Install tile backsplash– approx.. 60 linen foot


If you’re interested in turning your kitchen into a true paradise for cooking, you should consider speaking to our construction company today. We can outfit your kitchen with improved storage cabinet space, add more counter space or even include the option of improving the full layout and functionality of your kitchen.

We want to appropriately upgrade and update your kitchen and provide you a modernization experience that will add new value to your home. By designing and installing everything for your new kitchen, we can oversee your kitchen redesign from start to finish. We start with the design phase and then create a kitchen plan that will suit your needs and your budget.

Contact us today to learn more about kitchen renovations.

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