Porch Remodeling- San Pedro

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Porch Remodeling- San Pedro


San Pedro, California, United States, 90733


Are you tired of having wasted space across your porch and no area for seating? A porch remodel can help to make your porch area much safer, it can also integrate more usable space you can have outside for entertaining.

If you’re interested in making use of more of your porch and outdoor space, speaking to some experts in home renovation can upgrade your porch area and make sure that your home can benefit for years to come. We can work increasing the curb appeal of your home as well as upgrading your outdoor spaces for more versatility.

We are a team of skilled contractors that can help introduce the best design for your porch. Whether you need support for improving mobility throughout your porch or entranceway or you would prefer to have more outdoor relaxation space, contact us today to learn more.

  1. Prepare foundation to 300 sq. ft. of deck to move water heater 3ft higher.
  2. Reframe all of the new foundation
  3. Install tracks deck
  4. Install crawl space under the deck
  5. Install door for the gas meter
  6. Install 2 sets of stairs
  7. Install wood railing around the deck up to code
  8. Paint new railing

A Complete porch redesign can often require extensive planning. You may find yourself looking for designs that match with your current architecture or trying to find solutions that will allow you to introduce porch screening or other touches for your porch. We can create unique solutions that will help you with a porch design that is perfect for the needs of your home. Contact our staff today and we can begin the process of your porch redesign and restoration.

We can help you have a porch that you are proud to keep for entertaining, that to make your home more accessible and that could help you add new value to your property.

We work across Los Angeles providing advanced support for porch repair and feature reconstruction for areas of your entire home. Contact us today for all your interior and exterior improvement needs in Los Angeles.


Contact us now and we can begin designing your new porch.

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