Top 10 Reasons & Benefits For a House Renovation

One thing that you should never overlook is your own comfort and enjoyment. Ask yourself, ‘is this the way I would like my home to look for the next years to come?’. If you can’t answer with an immediate ‘yes’, then it’s time for house renovation.

Let us guide you through all the great things you will achieve after renovating your home. Read carefully, as these are also the things you will be missing out if you let a great opportunity slip through your fingers! 

How do you Finance a Major Home Renovation?

Top Reasons for Complete Home Renovation

1. Home Sweet Home

Reasons For Complete Home Renovation

A house can only be a home if the ones living in it are comfortable and happy. Sounds very old-fashioned you might say but no, not at all, it’s 100% true. You should be able to enjoy every single detail of every corner, in and out of your home. If yours can no longer give you that warm spark of joy every time you walk in, then there’s clearly a problem.

The word ‘renovation’ may sound a bit fancy but shortly enough, you will realize that the changes and fixes were not done to just giving an impact to the appearance of your home but also to your family’s life. There’s a lot more into it, the added value for future sale is just a BONUS.

2. Functionality and Appearance

Your home may look and work just okay to you but in reality, there are things only an expert can tell you. Appearance is one thing but plumbing and checking what’s in between your walls is on a totally different level. The things that these experts will quality check, you may not even want to look at.

Renovating once in a while can easily solve this kind of issues but when left unattended, can get worse. It’s not just about slapping a new wallpaper on the walls or making your kitchen look pretty. It’s about making your space functional and comfortable.

3. Affordability

Renovation can definitely cost you some money but each house is different from one another and financing yours is definitely customizable.

Communication is the key! Listing the changes you need from top priority to the least you need can definitely help your guys visualize a plan for you. Practicality and knowing what you need will provide you many flexible choices for the renovation.

4. Return of Investment

If you are planning to renovate your home as an investment here’s a PROTIP, look for professionals.  We don’t know how much more we can emphasize it’s importance. The outcome from pro work vs. cheap inexperienced guys can win or break not just your bank but also your credibility.

These inexperienced “experts” are easy to find online but beware, based on our experience, most of the time we are contracted to fix their faulty work. There were times wherein the damages cost the homeowner twice and more to call in real professionals to salvage the house.

Always remember that you are renovating as an investment. Hire real experts, it may cost you a bit more but when done correctly, like any other fruitful investment, there is always a RETURN.

5. Pride

Owning a home can be considered as one of the biggest goals one can ever achieve in their life. It’s a crown you can wear and feel proud of anywhere and anytime. A lifelong source of pride and joy so imagine, if your house looks like a mess and doesn’t function well as you intend it to be? It will embarrass you and you will not be happy inside your own home.

You may think that you can live with leaking pipes, almost unhinged doors, broken tiles in the kitchen, smelly clogged sink but deep inside you know that all of these are unacceptable to you and to possible visitors. These are common problems at home and are all easy to fix once an expert is hired for help.

6. Avoiding the Stress of Buying a New Home

Searching for a new home is very very stressful. If you are a first-time homeowner, heed our lecture and make sure to take care of your home. Hence the purpose of renovation, it is to keep the house intact, enjoyable and comfortable.

You do not need to frequently renovate. One every year is very much understandable and acceptable. A house is most enjoyable when it’s functional, comfy and at its finest all through the years. Did I also mention that it’s also cheaper than a new home

7. Beauty Enhancement

Practicality is always okay but it will not hurt to get the most out of your home, yeah? If your kitchen will look better with a new backslash why not go for it? The living area is a lot brighter with new tiles too, a different choice will make it less slippery and it will make you happy. These are just examples and this is not being too much or lavish. It’s maximizing the use of what’s already there. We can guarantee you no regrets, it’s a lot much wiser option after all.

8. The Feel of Investment

The best thing about renovating a home is the added value after and the chance you will have in it before you sell it. Staying as the owner is still the same in feeling even if you don’t actually have plans of selling it. Renovation not only improves the house but the lives of those who live there. So this means you get an upgraded life, a comfortable home, and the added value if in any case, you change your mind and sell it.

9. Ready to Sell

Did you know that if you renovate now and put your house up for sale 3 to five 5 years from now, it will show possible buyers how much you’ve taken care of the house? In the other hand, recent renovations, like a few weeks after putting the house on the market makes them think that it’s just for a quick fix. No one would want to buy a house that is quickly made pretty for show. Renovating as early as today will future proof your sale while competitors will still be working in improvements come by that time.

10. Security

There are a lot of new innovations and materials for a house upgrade today. Some are for privacy, some for stronger foundations and some for smarter ways of controlling your home into your liking. Most of these are created to solve and protect people from possible unpleasant situations in the future. Renovating now will give you a chance to equip your home with added security.

There are a lot of reasons to start a renovation, just remember that the key point to make the transition easy and memorable (rather than being stressful) is to maximize use, know what you want, go for what you need.

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