Top 5 Room Addition Trends in 2018

Top 5 Room Addition Trends in 2018

Redesigning and other forms of home improvement are, like fashion, flowing with the times. Certain room additions are in vogue at the moment and can vastly improve yours and visitor’s perception of your home.

2018 will see the rise of many new trends or a return of some classics in home and interior designing. Homeowners are looking to ditch the old, conventional home improvement mindset and move on to a trendier, modern style. These are five home designing and room addition trends to adopt in 2018.

Family Room- Building Mud Rooms

A mud room is a sort of secondary entrance into the home. It serves as a point of entry to the family room, where visitors or kids can drop all of their loads. This prevents a littering of the family room, as the mud room houses all the coats, boots and dirt that would have been dragged in. This doubles as a brand new storage space, personal items can be easily spotted and organized. You know exactly where to look when you need to find items like pieces of clothing and kid’s shoes. A mud room is a great family room addition that not only improves the look of your living area, it also cuts down the constant need to clean up after guests.


Bedroom –Concrete Walls

Exposed concrete walls give a minimalist look to your bedrooms. You are able to do more with less, as the walls serve as a great contrast for the lighter colored fixtures in the room. Your headboards, stained wood furniture and lighter colored curtains become significantly more pronounced when viewed against the darker background of a concrete wall.



Dining Room – Pendant Lights

The dining is one of the most important rooms in the home. A place where you and your family can sit together, eat and discuss. A room addition that greatly improves this intimate setting is the installation of pendant lights. Hanging pendant lights right above the dining table creates a warmer feeling while having dinner. Your choice of lightning should compliment your kitchen’s design. Choose pendant lights that match the furniture and hardware in your kitchen.




Home Office – Brighter Colors

Despite the feel that your home office is not part of your living area, home improvements must extend to it. The design of your home office can greatly improve your mood, with aesthetics that calm you and ease your stress. The era of traditionally beige home office colors is done. Stimulate your senses with brighter colors, this will make work feel less of a chore. From the walls, to the furniture and appliances, a splash of color is capable of boosting productivity.



Kitchen Extensions – Blending Into Outside Space

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in the home. A spot for cooking, dining and relaxation. All these can make it feel a little tight and crowded. There has been a recent increase in the number of kitchens that extend into the garden, dining room and even the family room. You can tear down walls and design your kitchen so it blends perfectly with other rooms in the house or even the garden, depending on your location. This allows an easier transition and more space to work with. It also creates a more intimate feel, as whoever is in the kitchen does not feel left out of other activities.


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