Room Addition- Hollywood – Los Angeles

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Room Addition- Hollywood - Los Angeles


Hollywood, California, United States, 90028


An Addition seems to be the one house alteration that most people want, usually because they really need the extra space, and adding on allows them to stay in their current home rather than buying a bigger one.

Homeowners need to be involved with every step of the process to make informed decisions and ensure the work meets their expectations.

Home additions building materials and tools include most (if not all) of the same groups of materials that a new house requires.

  • Foundation materials
  • Framing lumber
  • Floor, wall, and roof sheathing
  • Fasteners
  • Plumbing materials and fixtures
  • Electrical materials and equipment
  • HVAC system components
  • Windows and doors
  • Interior floor, wall, and ceiling finishes
  • Cabinets or other built-ins
  • Exterior siding and trim
  • Roofing and gutters
  • Paint and other finish materials

Oran Remodeling will start the room addition Los Angeles by excavating the area followed by pouring the footings and foundation. We then start framing the building based on your room addition design and then we move to the siding aspect of the building. We then install all windows and doors. From this point, we begin to work on installing deck and the exterior electrical and then the porch columns are finally in. We then begin installing the stone and then go on to finish exterior painting and trim.

Room addition contractors now move to the phase of landscaping, doing the interiors, rough plumbing/electrical/mechanical. Then we move to do the drywall and base paint. After that we moved to tile the house, setting the cabinets, countertops, carpentry/trim/baseboards/interior doors.

Finally, we laid the hardwood floor, carried out the final painting, fixtures, and appliances.


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