Bathroom Remodeling- Hollywood

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Bathroom Remodeling- Hollywood- Greater Los Angeles Area


Hollywood, California, United States, 90038


Has the look of your bathroom started to decline and look outdated? Updating the look of your bathroom quite regularly can make sure that you can have access to a look that can better suit a modern design. Whether you’re interested in reselling your home or you would simply like to make better use of your bathroom spaces, we are the expert team that can assist you today. Our construction and design team can help you through any type of bathroom improvement ideas. We want to use our expertise in Los Angeles to make sure that you can get a bathroom that is outfitted based on your budget and preferences for design.

If you’re interested in getting a completely fresh start in your bathroom or a completely unique look which can be much more modern, we have a team that can keep your master bath or guest bathroom looking its best.

  1. Demo one wall in the kitchen and complete demo the bathroom.
  2. Relocate the plumbing in the bathroom. Install one shower and one vanity and one toilet.  Include the tile $2/ sq. ft.  Shower door $800.  Install a fan light and LED light.
  3. Install new laminated wood all over the floor of the house. Install 24 LED, recess lights all over the house.  Plaster and paint all of the house with orange peel texture.
  4. Install 13 double glass windows throughout the house. Install new kitchen cabinets including the island and quartz countertop.  Install sink with faucet.

If you are looking for a team that has extensive experience in bathroom restoration solutions, contact our staff today. We can update the standards of your bathroom design and make sure that you can make the most out of the bathroom spaces in your home.

We can keep your home and outfit with the latest bathroom renovation solutions. We want you to finally have access to the versatile space that your family has needed. We can add new features to your bathroom as well as completely revitalize your bathroom spaces. By contacting our staff today, we can get started on your bathroom redesign and begin designing the improvements for your bathroom that could lead to better resale value and more for your home.

Contact our staff today and we can get started on your new bathroom design. Share your ideas with us and we can integrate them into your new bathroom remodel in Los Angeles.

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