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Electrical Project- North Hollywood- Los Angeles


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Electrical contracting is perhaps one of the most important services that you can seek for your home. Whether you’re interested in installing more outlets across your home or you could use access to new fixture installation, we can assist you as electrical contractors in the greater Los Angeles area.

Working with a skilled team of trained electricians can make sure that you can access all of the electrical improvements that you would like to make throughout your property. Whether you could use assistance with installing items like alarms or new lighting support features, we can provide you with a team of experts who can expertly wire your home or business.

Our team also specializes in electrical retrofits to upgrade your home for modern efficiency. We want to ensure your property can be properly inspected and updated for safety and efficiency.

Contact us today with your ideas and we can assess your current electrical grid and make changes based on your needs.

  1. Install new drain, copper plumbing under the house including four (4) bathrooms, kitchen, washer, and dryer.
  2. Re-arrange drain in the front of the property.
  3. Install new tankless
  4. Install all gas lines including the new gas line to the meter in the front of the property.
  5. Install new electric in the house. All-electric up to code as shown in the planner.
  6. Buy and install all LED lights and buy and install all outside lights. Approximately $100.00 in lights.
  7. Install the new 200 amp as city requests.
  8. Install new air conditioning and heating 5 ton. 14 sers. All electric and plumbing included.
  9. Complete installation up to code all on the house, ceiling, walls, and floors.
  10. Plaster and paint all walls, ceilings, drywall and interior door
  11. Install all moldings
  12. Install a new stucco on the house-smooth finish.
  13. Paint outside all exposed wood.
  14. Re-roof the entire house and show on the approved plan from the city. All materials flashing black paper included.
  15. Install new hardwood floor including company to buy molding.
  16. Renovating four (4) bathrooms including hot-mop
  17. Company to supply custom shower door.
  18. Company to supply fan light.
  19. Company to supply all rough materials for the tile.
  20. Company to supply thin-set and gout.
  21. Customer to supply tile.
  22. Company to supply vanity and toilet up to $200.00 in toilet costs.
  23. Customer to supply sink and faucet.
  24. Custom-made kitchen.
  25. Company to supply and install seamless gutters.
  26. The customer will supply the door and window for the outside.

If you need electrical improvements for your home or the assistance of a professional electrician, contact us today. We can plan accordingly, get all applicable permits, and make sure that we are completing all work beyond the standard for a superior level of craftsmanship.

Our trained electricians can help you with everything from installing new lighting and outlets to completely updating your home electrical system. We provide inspections and plan accordingly to outfit your home or business with the improvements that are needed to help you enjoy the best in electrical improvements.

We can assist in a wide range of electrical projects ranging from outfitting new fixtures, security installations, and more. Let us know more about your project and we can consult with you on how to execute it smoothly.

Contact our staff today to learn more about the electrical projects that we can assist with. We want to ensure you have access to skilled electricians across Los Angles.

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