Home Addition Ideas for Increasing Square Footage

The market value of the real estate and home prices have been in constant decline. According to Realtor, as of August 2019, properties in the United States stand at a median listing price of $309,000. Though this is a 4.9% higher from its 2018 value, it has been declining at a monthly average of 1.8%

As a result of this downtrend, people are opting to keep and improve their homes instead, until prices in the market gain its ground again. However, adopting this approach requires an extensive amount of knowledge about a home addition. A lot of home-owners ended up spending a great deal on renovation projects. A grip on this undertaking not only ensures the home’s comfort and convenience: it also bolsters the worth of the property, especially at a time when real’s state value is consistently going down.

Do I need blueprints for an addition?

Home addition plans for 2019

Home renovations provide a lot of beneficial changes to the property. In terms of design, remodeling facilitates architectural arrangement and enhances both the interior and exterior motif of the place. It also refines the property’s overall aesthetic. Added to this, remodeling provides an opportunity to alter the internal layout of the surrounding rooms. Above all, when done with precision, home improvement plans serve as foundations for the increase of the property’s square footage and total market value.

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  • Add missing rooms

        A large addition in the house can undoubtedly brighten its atmosphere. A new family room can facilitate familial bonds. An extended master suite dramatically improves the level of comfort. A remodeled kitchen provides ease of interaction and openness for the guests.  These alterations do not only result in great improvements: it also yields added square footage that will inevitably serve the property in the long run.

  • Redevelop the floor plan
    This strategy is perfect for houses that lack an open living area for the family. The answer to this comes easy: push the kitchen wall and open the back of the house. This back porch addition creates an L-space, modifies the old interiors of the place and provides a brand new blueprint where the kitchen, dining, and living room combined. The inviting atmosphere of this design is perfect for states fond of social calls and interaction, such as California. Good thing that Los Angeles room addition is always within reach.
  • Mind the hallways and connecting corridors
    The secret to winning aesthetics is to master the requirements of the space. It is normal for old homes to have a combination of large and small spaces, creating not only an awkward arrangement but, more importantly, a collection of disjointed and asymmetrical rooms. In remodeling these spaces, it is significant to consider the natural points of the area. This provides a smooth transition between hallways. This also facilitates calmness for the tenants and the guests.
  • Have a second story addition to the bedroom
    Maximizing the available clearance in the house requires homeowners to think and conceive plans outside the conventional box. A room addition that extends the house’s old roof and creates an interior and exterior balance is a common outcome of this. However, for properties that do not have this luxury, a second-floor addition is always a good option. Aside from being cost-efficient, it also provides the convenience of simply tapping the existing electrical, plumbing, as well as HVAC systems rather than going through the pains of installing a new one.
  • Breathing room for the kitchen
    In the real estate industry, it cannot be denied that the kitchen is the heart of the property. It is the source of the comfort of all inward spaces. Small ones, therefore, tend to make guests feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, and claustrophobic. It’s a good thing that this can be easily improved by having big and tall windows. This installation brings natural light and facilitates a good view of the property. This design also enhances the room’s efficiency, sociability, and overall usefulness. 
  • Have a sunroom
    Sunrooms are great investments. These three-season rooms provide a space in the house that can be savored all throughout the year. This is easy to achieve: rooms with large windows on both sides can qualify as a sunroom. Enhance its quality by installing a fireplace where guests can hang about and bond.
  • Add energy-efficient installation
    Homes that are not energy efficient are expensive: both in regards to the monthly bills and long term maintenance. Installing energy-efficient devices results in an average of $2,500 annual savings. More importantly, this installation is guaranteed to boost an increased interest among the potential real estate buyers. One of the client’s top priorities in choosing a property is its capacity to conserving energy while minimizing the associated costs.
  • Maximize the windows


room addition los angeles

Single-pane windows are out nowadays. Home-buyers prefer properties with energy-efficient devices installed in place. This is because Energy Star revealed that this type of windows can save homeowners up to $500 per year, including extra expenditures associated with heating and cooling. According to HGTV, property owners who invest in these materials recover 60% to 90% of the expended amount. Furthermore, an upgrade in green energy also results in 10% tax credit. Adding these figures may even exceed the amount shelled out for window replacement.

  • Bathroom addition
    An added bathroom is perfect for those that only have one in the house. Aside from the kitchen, investing in a bathroom is also a good move. According to HGTV, this investment often yields 80% to 130% of the amount that was shelled out. Take advantage of this by using the underused spaces in the property such as those under the stairs. Put in mind that a half-bath requires at least 18 square feet while a full bath should have at least 30 square feet.

Increasing the home’s square footage may be a challenging venture, especially in California. This is precisely the specialization of Oran Remodeling. With more than 25 years of experience in interior designs and architecture, Oran Remodeling provides extensive services and consultation on room addition Los Angeles to the clients. With Oran, a significant improvement in the overall quality of the property, as well as its increased worth in the market, are not far-flung guarantees.


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