Bathroom Remodel- West Adams

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Bathroom Remodeling- West Adams- Los Angeles


West Adams, California, United States, 90016


Having a quality bathroom in Los Angeles that is well maintained and designed to meet today’s modern design standards can be important for reselling your home. Achieving the perfect bathroom design truly requires effort and ongoing support from a skilled design and construction team.

Working with a team that knows modern design trends and that also offers extremely practical skills can be important to find your ideal bathroom setup.

Every homeowner likely wants to enjoy a beautiful bathroom setup but they may not have the time and energy that is required to update their fixtures, add a new coat of paint or get the best in storage for their bathroom design.

Hiring our expert contractors can make sure that your bathroom design in Los Angeles can be completed with the best in Design and Craftsmanship.

This project is a bathroom reshaping project which involved:

  1. Install new tub and plumbing
  2. When the job is complete- plaster and paint
  3. Take out the carpet from the room upstairs and install heating pad underneath the flooring
  4. Install porcelain tile- approx.. 300 sq. ft. – customer will supply tile
  5. Plaster and paint all storage area on the last floor
  6. Rearrange new closet
  7. Remodel 2nd bathroom- includes; taking out the complete bathroom, install new hot-mop in the shower pan, new faucet, vanity, and toilet
  8. Install tile vanity and toilet
  9. Install all tiles around the walls in the bathroom
  10. Plaster and paint
  11. Install outlets for heating towel racks
  12. Replace plaster railing will temper glass railing
  13. Install cable wires for one area that is necessary
  14. All job with rough material includes cleaning all the debris
  15. Additional room- remove carpet, install heating pad, fix plaster and paint in the storage area, install tile on the floor, install porcelain tile above the heating pad

If you are improving your bathroom to update its standards and design, you may have discovered that any bathroom redesign can be an extremely technical undertaking. Using the expertise of our Los Angeles makeover team, we can make sure that your bathroom redesign can be done within budget and utilizing the resources in your home to the fullest.

Whether your bathroom needs a few small updates, or you are in the market for a complete bathroom layout redesign, we have the expertise to get the job done well and at a reasonable price.

We can understand your needs and make sure that you can access a bathroom redesign that falls within the budget. Drop us a message today to learn more about the services we have to offer as bathroom redesign experts. Our designers are available now to start working on your bathroom redesign solution. We can find a configuration that will suit your needs.

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