Kitchen Remodel- Pasadena

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Kitchen Remodel- Pasadena- Greater Los Angeles Area


Pasadena, California, United States, 91101


Having a modern and well laid out kitchen in Los Angeles is often every homeowner’s dream. As a kitchen serves as one of the focal points in many homes, having a beautiful kitchen can often serve as a practical upgrade in any home. If you want to make sure that you can have access to the best quality kitchen upgrade, you will need to be working with a contractor that truly has the best skills available for your kitchen redesign.

Even though every homeowner truly wants to have a well-designed kitchen that will enhance their homes, it does not take long to realize that any kitchen redesign can be a serious undertaking. Hiring a skilled contractor in Los Angeles for your kitchen maintenance or redesign can make sure that you can enjoy the best solution for a quality kitchen in your home.

  1. Repaint all cabinets white
  2. Remove wine cooler and cabinet above it and install glass door and shelf inside for closet
  3. Install new wood floor and steps
  4. Install new molding
  5. Block one are in the kitchen and build a wall – plaster and paint
  6. Take out the counter top for the kitchen- open bar in one area and try to open extra wall, cut 6 inches in the sink area and install 36 inches of quartz and 24 inches wide on the other side
  7. Plaster and paint

Improving your kitchen or getting a new layout for your kitchen is a task that may require meticulous planning and a skilled contractor to help you through the work. This is when the assistance of Oran Remodeling can help you. Our team has years of experience in renovation tasks. We strive to offer the best kitchen alteration in Los Angeles and we can work through your kitchen enhancement task as a truly skilled contractor.

We strive to assist our clients and provide a complete kitchen makeover that falls within the budget of each client. Send us a message today or give us a call to find out more about the services we have to offer in complete kitchen enhancement services. We want to ensure that you can access the best in Kitchen reshaping solutions today. With our staff of designers and skilled craftspeople, we can make sure that you have access to a modern kitchen design that fits your needs.

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